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Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Cron

You read that right- it's what the sign said on the way to our last little va-cay.  Big blue hand-lettered sign on the right hand side of the road:

Sweet Cron

I thought perhaps it might be just an innocent mistake.  Maybe the farmer let the kids paint it, or maybe the hired hands were playing a joke on the farmer.  Nope.  Seconds later another sign on the left side of the road in the midst of the corn fields- same blue background:

sweet cron

Well now it was just silly.  Farmer probably got a big kick out of folks stopping and correcting his spelling.  I can picture him smiling and drawling, "Waaaal, it got you in here, didn't it?"

Just a few feet past that, another matching sign, this one more emphatic:


The weird thing is, that last sign was past the turn off.  Someone would have to really have a hankering for that sweet cron in order to turn around and go back for a bag.

We apparently weren't that hungry, or that curious.  We continued south through the haze of two or three wildfires in southern Oregon, intent on getting to our destination...

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