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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

iHeart downtown

She claimed to be bored.  
I knew I had to get her out of the house and away from her electronics, so I offered some suggestions...

Do you want to go to the park?
Do you want to go to the lake?
Do you want to go to the mall?
Do you want to go to the movies?
Do you want to go to the club and swim?

Sigh.  School starts next week.  I think I am excited about it...

I decided that I would just do my thing and take her along.  I'm on a hunt for the "perfect" bookcase for my new house, so today was the day to hit up three Goodwill stores, seven or eight antique/vintage/re-store shops, a furniture store, and Walmart.  No luck.  We did end up downtown, however, which offered up its own share of interesting sights.  

For instance, someone knitted a neck warmer for one of the street signs.  Who does this?  I mean, despite the few indicators of the approaching autumn, it's not even that cold out yet.

I have no idea how this thing got attached to the pole.
While driving around, we spotted quite a few of these sculptural hearts downtown.  Apparently, there were 30 fiberglass hearts created to raise awareness of heart disease.  They will be auctioned off in September to help fund a heart center at a local hospital.  They are 6 feet tall- each with its own themed decorating job.

Then we did go see the new main library.  It's been open for over a year now, but we never get downtown so it was still new to us.  It's 5 stories, with a great children's section and even a room for teens to hang out, read, and play video games.  We saw three of my former students there- must be a fun place to be!

The lobby of the library was huge and very cool.

The fifth floor has a nice outdoor space with a great view of downtown and even across the river.

The children's area was more like a children's museum place space.  It's only for ages 0 to 7 - with a parent, and parents are asked to leave all electronics out of the area and leave cell phones off.  
I guess parents these days have to be taught how to engage with their kids.
This is the teen room.  Today the kids were learning to crochet.
There were four boys and three girls in the group, but I didn't get faces in the picture because of privacy issues.
Tomorrow and Thursday I have meetings all day.  Here we go!


  1. I absolutely love your photos! The downtown area looks amazing. I love how you photographed the fiberglass hearts. each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. And WOW! That library is simply AWESOME! WOW!!!!! Yep, our school started last week. Where did the summer go?????

  2. P.S. Good luck finding a bookcase for your new home!!