The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

One down, one to go.

The appraisal of my current house came in exactly at the amount the buyer offered!  Praise the Lord for that one! Without that, I might have had to take a lower offer, or the buyer might have had to back out.

Now I just need Bank of America to accept my offer on the other house.  My agent says it is very likely we will know something by Monday.  Woo-hoo!

On a completely different note, kiddo ran in her first track meet this afternoon.  She did the hurdles, the 400, the high jump, and the discus.  The hurdles.  She's like the shortest kid on the team and she runs hurdles.  Gotta give her props for that.  I couldn't take pictures tonight because I was working at the shot put, but I'll get some pics up for ya after the next meet.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And then there was the time that...

And then there was the time that I posted about waiting and three hours later the guy who is buying my house calls to tell me that they can't get out of their lease in the middle of the month, so I might as well stay till the end of May (2 weeks past the official closing date)- rent free.

Well, that's an answer to prayer.  Now B of A has a little more time to consider and accept my offer and then I won't have to move twice.  Maybe.

And while I was waiting, a dear friend was also waiting- but a different kind of waiting.  She was waiting for the results of her mammogram, and MRI, and biopsy.  Not good.  There will be surgery, and maybe some cell-killing drugs.  And she will spend lots of time waiting.

And while in the grand scheme of things my waiting pales in comparison to hers, in the grander scheme of things, it's all washed out compared to waiting for the ultimate home and the ultimate healing in Heaven.  It's good to wait on our God who is sovereign and all-knowing and infinitely compassionate.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The waiting game

I'm just waiting.  I accepted the offer on my house but I have yet to find out if the guy will get his loan. It all depends on the appraisal which I just found out is tomorrow.  Might take a week to get the results. It needs to be high enough to warrant the offer he gave.
So I'm waiting.

I'm also waiting to hear from B of A about my offer on the townhome.  They are waiting for that appraisal and then they might be able to make a decision.  It would be nice it it were low enough to be near my offer- after all, that was the list price in December.  Maybe they will accept my offer, maybe they will counter-offer.  I'm just waiting.

I'm packing a few boxes here and there, but not the whole house yet because I don't know if I will need to make one move or two, or...?  I'll just wait to get the bulk of the packing done.

I'm going to have a moving sale, but I'm waiting on that as well.  The things I want to sell have no place at the townhome, but if I don't get the townhome I might have a place and a use for them at another house.  I'm just waiting.

For a person who likes to plan and scheme and dream, this is a little weird.  I would love to purchase a few things for the new place, but I have no idea whether I will actually get the townhome I hope to get.  It's not tragic, just weird.  I have my health, the car still runs, kiddo is doing great at school, and God is still God.  I'm not complaining, just explaining that I'm waiting.

Sometimes when I am waiting, it's hard to think of things to write about other than waiting.

One of these days, I'll post some pics of what I did for my 50th birthday.  It was fun.  Betcha can't wait...

Monday, April 8, 2013

My power mower

I thought you would like to see my power mower. (BTW, those two words LOOK alike but they do not SOUND alike.  Why is that?  English is so weird.)

Ain't she a beaut?  The mower is from Sears, but the power was made in China.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nazgul Wind

Spring break came in like a lamb.  Good Friday was bright and in the 70's- the same for Easter Saturday and Sunday.  That was about it for sunshine.  By the time Monday rolled around, and kiddo got her teeth pulled, the clouds had settled in again and we were in for a typical PNW spring.  That was ok with her because all she wanted to do was snuggle up at home and watch Lord of the Rings and eat soft foods for three days while she recovered.

By yesterday it was in the 50's and rainy.  Really rainy.  Not build an ark rainy, but close.

The wind woke me up at 3:30 this morning.  My backyard can get some wind.  It swoops in over the wetlands and rushes in between the houses and often scoots the patio furniture around a bit.  Not last night.  This wasn't gate-rattling, furniture-scooting wind.  This was full-on, howling, block the sound of the freeway, tip over the trashcans, shred the roll-up blinds kind of wind.  Well, it would have shredded the outdoor roll-up blinds except I took them down when I staged the house for selling.  Good thing.

This wind was so loud for so long that I thought for sure I would lose some siding.  It whistled, it howled, it screamed and even reached siren pitch a few times during the storm.  It sounded like the ring wraiths were coming to get me and my kid and my little dog, too!

I was really glad to be inside a house that protected me from that wind. Sure, it kept me awake for over an hour and a half, but we were warm and dry, and did not lose power.  Today we clean up the yard, do some laundry, take a nap, and get ready for the last 10 weeks of school. State tests are looming and my students are struggling.  I need to dig deep and get creative and inspire them in countless ways...

Looks like spring break is going out like a lion.