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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The waiting game

I'm just waiting.  I accepted the offer on my house but I have yet to find out if the guy will get his loan. It all depends on the appraisal which I just found out is tomorrow.  Might take a week to get the results. It needs to be high enough to warrant the offer he gave.
So I'm waiting.

I'm also waiting to hear from B of A about my offer on the townhome.  They are waiting for that appraisal and then they might be able to make a decision.  It would be nice it it were low enough to be near my offer- after all, that was the list price in December.  Maybe they will accept my offer, maybe they will counter-offer.  I'm just waiting.

I'm packing a few boxes here and there, but not the whole house yet because I don't know if I will need to make one move or two, or...?  I'll just wait to get the bulk of the packing done.

I'm going to have a moving sale, but I'm waiting on that as well.  The things I want to sell have no place at the townhome, but if I don't get the townhome I might have a place and a use for them at another house.  I'm just waiting.

For a person who likes to plan and scheme and dream, this is a little weird.  I would love to purchase a few things for the new place, but I have no idea whether I will actually get the townhome I hope to get.  It's not tragic, just weird.  I have my health, the car still runs, kiddo is doing great at school, and God is still God.  I'm not complaining, just explaining that I'm waiting.

Sometimes when I am waiting, it's hard to think of things to write about other than waiting.

One of these days, I'll post some pics of what I did for my 50th birthday.  It was fun.  Betcha can't wait...


  1. gh,
    I have my fingers crossed for you that everything falls into place exactly for the "best case scenario" ... timing, prices, ease of moving etc.

    Even if you are wanting to move, it's always stressful (himself and I have seen several local houses with gardens that we would have loved to move to, but we have brilliant neighbours where we are now and the hassle of the actual move are strong factors that have in the end outweighed the luxury of a garden)

    I'd say: pack the stuff you'd need no matter what house you'd move to... seasonal clothes etc, a New Zealand friend of mine did one box a day for her move... end result was that she did almost all her packing almost without noticing the extra work!

    1. Hey, KD, that is pretty good advice. I dealt with all the Christmas stuff and other winter things, so that is a good start. I know what you mean about moving. After the last move, I was pretty sure I would NEVER do it again. Ha. Times change.

  2. Maybe you're waiting because God really wants you in North Dakota....

    1. LOL- this made my day! He has asked me to go to other remote parts of the world, so you never know!

      I googled your new town. It's like the wild, wild west out there. What are they going to say about our Brian's preaching??? :->