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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock is a 848 ft tall monolith that sits on the north side of the Columbia River and watches over it.
We climbed it on Saturday with some friends.  Not technical rock climbing, mind you, but we hiked up the trail that has been created so that people who don't rock climb can get a view of the gorge.  And when I say up, I mean UP.
See for yourself:

Can you say "switchbacks"?

It was close to a beautiful evening, almost 90 degrees with a nice wind from the east.  In the photos, you can barely see the haze in the air from the nearby wildfires.  I would prefer about 70 degrees and cleaner air, but that is about to get here now that fall is upon us and the rains have finally arrived.  I hope the rains put an end to the wildfires soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I love fall

Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Tomorrow is the first day of fall.
Monday is National Ice Cream Cone Day (According to Sonic).

Will the fun never cease?

UPDATE:  Sorry- one of my calendars said that the 21st was the first day of fall, but another one (and all the radio news people) said it was the 22nd.  (So, that takes some of the fun out of Sunday... but not all of it.)

Monday, September 8, 2014

This school year

We've only been in school 4 days, and two things have happened that have not ever happened to me before:

On day 1, our security guard came to my 1st class of the day to pull out two different boys and talk with them.  DAY ONE.  PERIOD ONE.  How much trouble could they have gotten into since they got off the bus?   This doesn't bode well.

On day 4, during my last class of the day, a smiling young lady came up to me and informed me that I had taught her mom years ago.  Well now I feel old.  I didn't feel old 10 minutes before she told me that, but now...  yeah.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Real Vacation, part 4

Part 4 was supposed to be Coffenbury Lake, but our friends took those pics and haven't sent them to me yet.  And so, I give you the Pacific Ocean!

The shipwreck is the Peter Iredale.  It ran ashore in 1906 and has slowly rotted and rusted away until you just see the ribs of the bow.

And then they found a log placed appropriately on a stump.  It quickly became a pivotal part of the camping adventure.  I wish I had taken video.


Not as strong as we thought!

As soon as I get the lake pics, I'll post them.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Real Vacation, part 3

Bike paths.  That's the big reason we go to Fort Stevens so often.  When kiddo was little, she rode in a baby seat on the back of my bike.  Then she graduated to one of those Trail-A-Bikes.

The last few years, she has ridden her own bike- first a kid bike and then this year she has her first "forever bike", a Trek 7.0 hybrid step-thru design that will grow just enough to support her into her adult years.  After that, it's up to her to buy her own bikes!

I sold my trusty "Ol Blue" mountain bike and also bought a Trek 7.0 hybrid.  I like it because it is lighter and has bigger wheels, but I sort of miss the shock absorbers.

It's so much fun just to watch her ride- she goes bombing down the way with nary a care, jacket streaming out behind her...

I leave you with more bikes and biking, and a sample of one of our wildlife encounters...

We were 20 feet from her and she let us stay there and take pictures for a full two minutes.
Uh-oh, too much paparazzi!  And off she went!

We've seen deer in previous years, and plenty of chipmunks, but one year there was a coyote standing right on the bike path just looking at me. I used my tele lens to capture him before he took off and I am still awed by that close encounter.  This year during dinner one night we heard a pack of coyotes howling after they made a kill.  Had it been later at night, and darker out, it would have sounded very eerie.  But during the day it almost sounded fake- like a bunch of voice actors were hiding in the forest, trying to make a cartoon.

 Still to come- the lake and the ocean!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Real Vacation, part 2

Fort Stevens has a lot to offer.  The historic fort, the bike paths, the walking paths, the lake, the ocean- all contribute to the different likes of each group that goes there.

I like the fort.  I can just picture the guys stationed there during WWII- keeping an eye on the Pacific Ocean and the mouth of the Columbia River, manning those big guns that can hit a target up to 15 miles away, enjoying R & R on the beach...

Here's us at the fort:

Ocean, lake, and more bike shots coming soon!