The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Friday, September 15, 2017

How does the Man in the Moon cut his hair?

How does the Man in the Moon cut his hair?  Eclipse it!  (Get it?)

Anyhoo, we didn't get totality here in our little town, but we went to a neighbor's eclipse party all the same.
It was a potluck.
We brought Moon Pies.
Seemed fitting.

The really dark shot is with the special glasses over my phone lens. Those two selfies (I'm so not good at selfies) have a reflection of the eclipse on my neck and on my cheek.  I had no idea that would happen. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What is this plant?

Someone please tell me what this plant is.  The things that look like clusters of tiny green tomatoes are so weird looking- and they turn dark orange later in the summer and fall.  Any info would be helpful!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

And Happy Birthday to US!

As a nation, the US is almost 100 years older than Canada.  Do we look it?

Have we grown up?
Are we more mature than when we started?
Have we solved all the problems of the world, or have we created even more?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

She is 150 years old!

Today is Canada's Birthday.  I swear she doesn't look a day over 140...

Thursday, May 11, 2017


The big word in education nowadays is "makerspaces".  What does it mean?  Well it means a room or space or class where kids can go to make things.

Sounds suspiciously like what we used to do in classes called "home ec" or "woodshop".

Everything old is new again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ice Ice Baby

I love snow, but I feel the opposite about ice.

The thaw is in full swing, but will take some time to fully complete due to the freezing rainstorm we are currently experiencing. 

No school today.

In case you were wondering, water droplets are round.

I took this picture yesterday- took 5 in a row just in case I didn't time it right for the drip.  Then, my camera/phone informed me that it had made a video of my 5 pictures.  Um, what?  I hate it when the machines do stuff before they are asked to do stuff.  Creeps me out.  It was a cool video tho, but now I can't find it on my phone.  I guess it doesn't save stuff unless I get real bossy with it.  Machines.

Gotta go find something else to do...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A promise

Every morning I wake up and look outside and it looks the same as the day before- sparkly cold whiteness.  It's like being in Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.  (Ned?  Ned Ryerson?)

I don't know why I expected it to melt anytime soon- maybe because that is usually what happens around here.  But this time it is different, colder.  It's been around 12 degrees F at night and around 30 degrees F during the day.  The sun has caused some of the snow to sublimate, but mostly it is just sitting there on the trees or getting compacted to ice under someone's tires.  It's very light fluffy stuff- easy to shovel if you get to it on the first day.

Today it was finally above freezing.  Felt downright balmy.  The prediction is for warmer temps and lots of rain on Tuesday.  That will make for some nice slush.  

It's a good thing I am not in control of the weather.  I'd mess it up terribly.  God is in control and here is what He promises in Genesis 8:22:

“As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease.”

I find that very comforting.