The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day!!!

How about just a little photo essay of the day...

The table is set and we are ready to celebrate the good things God has given us.

Roscoe is not very happy at his place in the living room- far, far away from the table...

We had rolls,

famous broccoli salad,

sweet potatoes,


amazing delicious succulent turkey,

creamy mashed potatoes,


sparkling cran-apple
(and I don't know why this is underlined- I can't get rid of it!),

funny cousins,

silly Uncle John taking pictures of the food...
(ok, I started it by taking pictures of the food. He was mocking me, but we had a good time watching him do it...)

Ooops. I forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin dessert. It was yummy.

It's good to be thankful all year long,
but it's especially good to be thankful together with family and friends.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's flurry-ing!

It started shortly after 1pm, and it came down hard for about an hour. Then, it was on and off- big flakes and small...

So pretty.

The temp is above freezing, but it will cool off tonight so I don't know about school tomorrow.

Maybe a 2-hour late start...? (I love those because we don't have to make them up but we do get to sleep in.)

Here's His Royal Shortness in the flurries...
I had to throw some treats out there to get him to explore long enough to get pics.
He's close to finding the last treat.
After 3 minutes, he is done with the snow.
May I go in now?
Thanks. I'm exhausted. That was hard work. (you can still see bits of snow in his fur.)

On a completely different note- I won a contest! Check out the 5 Inky Fingers blog and you'll see!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Flurry. What a great word. It's almost like a combination of "fluffy" and "furry".
Flurry. Say it slowly... fuh-luuuuurrrrrreeee. It's beautiful, really.

Why? Because it is often proceeded by another beautiful word: snow.

Snow flurries. Possibly brought to you on Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010 by and

Not probably, just possibly.

That's enough to get me all a-tingle.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The latest from Abbyland...

She bought herself a new hat. It has ear flaps- you know, just in case we have a really cold winter...

Personally, I like this version better...


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yipee! It's time to set our clocks back!

It's my favorite night of the year! I get an extra hour of sleep! 'Course, my inner clock doesn't realize that and it wakes me at the normal time but it is just wonderful to roll over and tell my inner clock to snuggle back in for an hour!

And, just so I don't have TOO much fun with this, my neighbor's garage band picked tonight to practice. I can't always hear the tune, but the beat pounds through my bedroom wall just fine...

Dum dum dada dada, dum dum dada dada, dum dum dada dada.