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Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's flurry-ing!

It started shortly after 1pm, and it came down hard for about an hour. Then, it was on and off- big flakes and small...

So pretty.

The temp is above freezing, but it will cool off tonight so I don't know about school tomorrow.

Maybe a 2-hour late start...? (I love those because we don't have to make them up but we do get to sleep in.)

Here's His Royal Shortness in the flurries...
I had to throw some treats out there to get him to explore long enough to get pics.
He's close to finding the last treat.
After 3 minutes, he is done with the snow.
May I go in now?
Thanks. I'm exhausted. That was hard work. (you can still see bits of snow in his fur.)

On a completely different note- I won a contest! Check out the 5 Inky Fingers blog and you'll see!!

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