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Monday, April 8, 2013

My power mower

I thought you would like to see my power mower. (BTW, those two words LOOK alike but they do not SOUND alike.  Why is that?  English is so weird.)

Ain't she a beaut?  The mower is from Sears, but the power was made in China.


  1. Great work out!!
    My Dad used to give me that job when I was a troublesome teen. It worked!

    1. Dayna, I just can't picture you as "troublesome"...!!! Maybe the mowing really did work it out of you.

  2. Love your power mower so much!!! Awesome!!!!

  3. We had the more old fashioned prehistoric model where the blades didn't turn very easily. It was also ridiculously heavy. My father always said "we don't need a motor mower, this is enough". It was a really tough chore...
    Interestingly once my sister and I needed to spend more time studying for our exams and didn't have time to do the mowing any more, my father amazingly decided we *did* need a mower with a motor.