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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three cheers for Mr. & Mrs. B!

These people attend my church.  They look like your average, mild-mannered seasoned citizens, but they have a secret super-power...

They babysit dogs.

They consider it their ministry to help people who need their dogs boarded.  And... AND they don't charge for it.


Who does that?

Seasoned Citizen Super Heroes.

They have had my dog for three months now.  There's no fenced yard at my parents' place, so good old Friday (the black one) has lived with Mr. & Mrs. B and their dog.  (I think their dog had better manners before hanging out with our scoundrel, but they put up with Friday anyway.) We go visit about three times a week to take one or both of the pups for a walk.  It is obvious that our dog has been treated well and feels at home with them.  He is so much better off than if we had to put him in a kennel.  It has been such a load off of our minds for the summer.

And not only have they been our dog-sitters this summer, but we have had time to visit and get to know them- they have become our friends.

Words are not enough to thank them for this gift they have given us!
What a blessing to know these folks!

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