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Sunday, August 18, 2013


So... we have a verbal acceptance of my offer on the house.  Woo-hoo!  While I am not going to count my chickens until they have hatched and walked across the dotted line, I am slowly making plans and purchasing a few items that are needed/wanted for the new place.

It's my goal to not buy new- but get almost everything from garage sales, thrift stores, and craigslist.

So far, so good.

I have two $80 bar stools from Pier One that I got for $15 each on craigslist.  Win!

I also have six dining chairs- the kind I have always wanted- $250 for the set on craigslist. Win!
Now, you can get this kind of chair brand new from Emeco for $470 (Yes, that's ONE chair!), or from other vendors for around $200 each, but these were used and a great bargain at just under $42 each- gum included.  Yup.  They were quite grungy and some had years of icky splashed stuff and gum on the undersides, but they cleaned up nicely and are ready to be moved into the new abode.
The back ledge- full of dust and grease.
Underneath.  Can you spot the white gum?  Some chairs had 3 chunks of gum in a variety of colors!
My awesome dad had fun getting the grunge off with his power washer.  
I think these will be excellent replacements for the Ikea chairs that were doing temporary duty in the dining room.

Maybe next week we can get into the place and start taking measurements!


  1. Yay! (And oh, how I love me a good bargain! Nice job!)

  2. Great work! Love the chairs!!!

  3. Hey, congratulations on the accepted offer. Be patient. Short sales sometimes take a long time. It can vary with which bank you have to work with. I currently have a short sale going on one of my listings. It is with Bank of American which I am told is one of the worst to work with. Have fun with your dealings--good bargains so far.