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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting my craft on.

So, we've been living with the folks since May 24.  All my craft stuff- paper, glue, photos, paint, glitter, fabric, etc. is in storage.  The back of the storage unit, not near the door.

Part of what makes a summer great is that I have time to make stuff.  I was missing my crafty things and moping about mom's sewing room when I spied it- the only craft project that escaped the moving van...

An unfinished quilt.

It's a machine-pieced quilt that I started at mom's about 13 years ago.  It's been sitting in a shoebox ever since- just waiting for me.  Don't judge- I've been busy since then.  What have I been doing?  Well, I went to China and bought a kid, and then, uh, I've been, uh...

What was the question?

Anyhoo, I got a paper-piecing refresher course from mom and then started sewing, ironing, and cutting again.

Here's what the finished product will look like:

And here's some of the steps and progress so far:

I have 19 more small stars to piece together and then some borders and then the quilting!

It's very motivating to see it almost completed!  It's motivating enough to get me back to the sewing machine to do the worst part- piecing the stars.  I can't go on auto-pilot, I have to think about each bit before I sew, and then I have to pray that the machine will be kind to me and not run out of bobbin thread mid star...
I don't like sewing.  My other quilts were pieced by hand.  It's slower, but not nearly as frustrating as battling the machine.

I'll post more pics when the top is completed and when the whole thing is quilted.  But don't hold your breath- school is starting soon!


  1. WOW! I am so happy that you found a wonderful project to work on!!!! Your quilt looks fabulous! I have always wanted to learn how to quilt!

    1. Sharon- thanks! You would enjoy quilting I think. It's never too late to learn!

  2. This is beautiful!!! I love the star pattern.

    1. Thanks Maureen! It feels historic and patriotic at the same time, huh?