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Friday, July 10, 2015

My Future~!

She sent me an email titled, "My Future~!"

No greeting, no "I love you, mom", nothing but this one link:

I didn't recognize it.  What was theaie?  And why was it .us instead of .com?
I had to look...

It was a website for The Academy of Interactive Entertainment, a 2-year college program for those who want to work in video game design and film special effects.  They have campuses in the US and Australia and send their graduates to work in places like Disney and Microsoft. Interesting.  I clicked on the link that said "Programs" and found the coolest thing ever...


Learn how to make your own video games, animated film and 3d characters!

Looking to get your feet wet in the world of animation and video games? Try the Academy of Interactive Entertainment's Summer Camps! Camps are project-based, and you'll get to learn about the software and basic techniques used in the industry. Each week-long camp concludes with a pizza party, and every student will receive a certificate of achievement and a copy of their project to take home.

Please check back in February to find updates for our 2015 Summer Camps.

Seattle Summer Camps


AIE Seattle campus - Seattle Center Armory, 4th level


High School students, 14-18 years old


Monday through Friday (one week), 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Classroom Environment

Summer camps at AIE are held in a studio-style classroom environment. This means that students will be engaging in hands-on, exploratory, project-oriented activities for the majority of the time they are in the classroom. Minimal lectures will be given; instructors are otherwise present in the classroom to give individualized attention, applied assistance, and to act as a resource for the students. We provide student versions of industry-standard software and students are encouraged to dive right in and explore the software above and beyond what is included in lecture.
Please ensure that this environment will be a positive and healthy one in which your student has the potential to succeed. We are unable to grant refunds for students who do not participate in camp activities or discover that their learning style does not mesh with the classroom environment. We will strive to provide each and every student with individual attention as much as possible, but we do encourage students to develop their skills in self-starting and time management. We believe this is an essential part of blending traditional classroom-style learning with studio-style learning.
There was more, but you can go to the link and read it yourself.  Needless to say, I signed her up and the week after school was out, we were on our way to spend a week in Seattle!

Stay tuned for photos, etc. in the next post!

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