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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seattle- present and past

We're still in Seattle for computer camp.  Still commuting by ferry- which, if you have to commute, is probably the most relaxing way to travel.

We weren't able to see Mt. Rainier on the cloudy mornings, but this morning was clearer and gave us a better view.

After dropping kiddo off at the Seattle Center, I walked down to the waterfront (taking pictures all the way) and over to Pioneer Place to take Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.  Seattle's beginnings can be found under the current sidewalks and it makes for a very interesting history lesson involving tidal waters, sewers (and how the tides affected them), fire, rebuilding (and how to raise building funds), and the Klondike Gold Rush.  If you plan to go, be aware that there are three types of tour- the family tour, the paranormal tour, and the one designed for adults.  Seattle's history is rather R-rated (or worse), so you want to choose your tour wisely.

Then, I went to get Abs from class and we walked back to the waterfront together to have dinner and ride the Great Wheel.  The ferry ride home was less crowded and we got benches so we could nap.

Ha.  We didn't see any whales.
Sorry the contrast is so poor.  In person it was quite majestic.

Part of the Seattle Art Museum is outdoors.
Metal tree sculpture.
More outdoor art.
Ferry in Elliott Bay.  Didn't see any orcas.
Across the bay- the Olympic Mt. Range.
Not nearly enough snow on them for this time of year.  
Some waterfront activities- like shopping.
More waterfront- the Great Wheel, CenturyLink Field, Safeco Field,  Mt. Rainier.
Me and my squid friend. 
Pioneer place. 

The start of the Underground Tour.

Let's just say that the fastest way to raise funds to re-build a burned city is to tax the most lucrative business...  the world's oldest profession.

The "window" above our tour guide is a skylight.

The skylight from up top.

Rental bikes.  Would have been fun but Abby vetoed them on the grounds that they just look too nerdy.  Besides, these were on the waterfront.  Everywhere from here was UP!
See the small white speck near the middle?  Jellyfish. 

This was a fun way to see the waterfront and the city.  Seattle is working on a huge seawall project that will make the area even more accessible and touristy.

On the way home.
I love the water but I sometimes wonder what would happen if a ferry sank.
How would I keep my camera from getting all wet?

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  1. Awesome pictures!!!! So glad you had s good time!