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Monday, July 20, 2015

The end of Seattle

Just a few more images and thoughts of our time in Seattle for computer camp and touristy things...

One morning, we spent some time at the Market.  Pike Place Market is known around the world for its open-air market with fresh seafood, flowers, produce, baked goods, and handmade items.  It's an interesting place- the top level looking like a regular farmer's market, but the lower levels seemingly sprouting up and out from the hillside in a rabbit warren of shops, ramps, stairs and restrooms.  If you don't go there often enough, you can get disoriented quickly.  Keep exploring- eventually you will emerge- either up on top or at the top of the outdoor staircase that descends into the harbor area.

The most photographed sign in Seattle.

The fish throwing guys.

One of many street performers/panhandlers/homeless that we encountered in Seattle.  They tend to gather where the tourists will be- we saw the same ones in the same places day after day.  I don't usually give money, but if they are playing and singing... I can't resist.

After Pike Place Market, I took her to class and then drove over to the Fremont area.  This is just a bit north of Seattle and has a nice small town hipster vibe to it.  The main reason I went is to see the Troll, but I also got to see a colorful bridge, look at street art, go to a cool music store and eat at a wonderful restaurant.
The Fremont Bridge is the most frequently opened drawbridge in the world- it opens about 35 times a day! 
I think it is cool because it is so colorful.
So much prettier than our boring green bridge at home.
Street art.
This street art pays homage to J.P. Patches, a Seattle TV legend.   I grew up watching him.

Some of the ukuleles at Dusty Strings Music Shop in Fremont.
More ukuleles.  They also sell guitars, harps, and other stringed instruments.  So much fun to prowl around and they let me try a variety of ukes...  awesome.

The George Washington Memorial Bridge- looking south.
The George Washington Memorial Bridge- looking north to the home of the troll.
There he is!
I hope he doesn't eat me.

What has he captured in his left hand?  A VW bug.

After I strolled away from the troll, I headed back to the main area of Fremont to eat at a place that I had first tried a few years ago- Pie.  They had been located at the Seattle Center Armory, but had since moved and I tracked them down- that's how good they are!

I had an English meat pie (steaming hot) for lunch, and then a strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert.  Both were perfect- the right size, the right consistency, the right seasonings, the right crust...
I just wish they would open another store- closer to me!
After Pie, I went back to Seattle Center and stretched out on the lawn for a nap in the shade.  Abby was done with her class at 4:30 and when I went up to get her, I got a picture of her in action- transforming a red "blob" into a new creature using all the tools and techniques she had learned during the week.

My little computer nerd.  I know she enjoyed her week and I hope she learned something to put toward her artsy future!

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