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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Her future... for now.

Going to Seattle for 5 days can be pretty expensive if you don't have relatives in the area.  My aunt and uncle let us invade their basement guest suite for the week and we sure appreciated it!  We rode the ferry to Seattle every morning and then walked to the monorail to get a ride to Seattle Center for Abby's class.  My aunt accompanied us the first day so we could get the lay of the land- which by the way is mostly uphill.  Everywhere you go in Seattle is uphill, even when you turn around and walk back the way you just came...
Sometimes, pods of orcas swim in this area.  We didn't see any orcas.  

Flat now, but in a few steps it is all uphill.
We ate at Ferry Noodles on Tuesday night.  It was very good.
Sonic Blooms at Seattle Center.  Powered by solar panels on top, they sing when you walk past.

If you look closely, you can see the two lightsabers on the counter in the background.  That reassured her that this would be a cool adventure.  Everything is more cool with lightsabers.
I always take pics of the Space Needle.  I can't help it.
After we dropped Abby off at AIE, we walked around a bit and found a glassblowing shop with really cool art glass on the walls and in front.
Then my aunt went back home and I walked to the Seattle Library which is a very interesting building.  The design is very modern and at first you think it is rather cold and sharp.  I think I prefer the old type of library with lots of wood and overstuffed chairs and the smell of paper, but I think this was sort of cool in its own way.

Glass mushrooms.  Just too cute.

When class was over for the day we walked back to the ferry and enjoyed the sunlit city skyline and the gentle motion of the boat.
CenturyLink Field.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

Sometimes, orcas swim near the ferries.  We didn't see any orcas.  
Ready for another day of computer 3-D animation (her) and tourism (me) tomorrow!


  1. I got to sneak in a quick visit with Abby this morning! Sounds like she loved it!

    1. I think so, but the reactions are mixed as she thinks she wants to be devoted to pen & paper art rather than 3-D animation. I think she learned some good stuff, tho.