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Monday, August 13, 2012

THE TRIP- PEI- Avonlea Village, part 3

The Church

The Church building in Avonlea is one of three heritage buildings on site.  This is the original Presbyterian Church from Long River, built in 1872.    L.M. Montgomery attended this church with her Montgomery and Campbell cousins.

It was quite tricky to transport this church to the Avonlea Village site.  It was too tall to fit under overpasses and power lines, so the movers got creative.  They sliced the building horizontally and trucked the individual layers to the site.  Then they reassembled it like a layer cake.  

Close inspection of the interior reveals the lines of the slices.  Unfortunately, you can't quite tell in a photo...

Inside the church, we attended a fashion show hosted by Mrs. Rachel Lynde.  That woman sure does like to hear herself talk!

After the women's fashions, we got a sneak peak at the latest swimwear for men, modeled by Gilbert Blythe and Charlie Sloan.

Charlie being his usual Sloan-ish self.

Looks like Gilbert won the swimsuit competition!

Then the Avonlea School had its annual Talent Show.

There was a recitation,

general Sloan-ish-ness,

And a song from Gilbert to Anne.

And then Gilbert talks to Anne... apologizes for the "carrots" incident, 
and asks if maybe... just maybe... they could be friends.

It looks like she might have forgiven him!
And everyone celebrates!


  1. Such an awesome post! I loved learning how the church was moved, and seeing all of the fun photos! I especially liked seeing the reaction of your daughter!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that we all went to see "The Odd Life of Timothy green last night. Good thing you told me to take kleenex!!!!! We loved it - so nice to see together as a family, too!

  3. You will know how much I liked the Avonlea village from my own blog posts, you got a whole show though! lucky you!!! Yes how they moved the church was amazing... and very ingenious.