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Sunday, August 5, 2012

THE TRIP- PEI- Avonlea Village part 1

After the Green Gables Heritage Site, we headed to the fictional-yet-very-real town of Avonlea.

My happy-go-lucky kiddo en route to lunch.
We started our time in the village with lunch.  Carr's Lunch Box was the only option.
It was ok food, but could have used some more variety and more staff.
"I love bright red drinks, don't you? They taste twice as good as any other color."

One of the three heritage buildings in the village.
This is the original Belmont School in which L. M. Montgomery taught in 1896-97.
It has been brought to the village for preservation.
My mom goes in...
...just in time to see Anne smack Gilbert over the head with her slate!!!
Or some such nonsense.

The school yard offered a few low-tech distractions like stilts, a large sand box, and teeter-totters.

The Manse (minister's house).  One of three heritage buildings in Avonlea.

Inside the Manse.

General store (somewhat touristy)

Avonlea Dressup.  Could there be a more perfect venue for 5 highly imaginative girls?
(We met a kindred spirit in the village- she and her daughter joined us for the afternoon.)

Kiddo with her new friend.
We spent about two hours playing dress-up and taking pictures.  
What's dress-up without a couple of grandparents to spice things up?
Eating more Cows ice cream,
while Charlie Sloan rambles on about something.
A small museum that compares and contrasts the author's life with Anne's life. 

The Bright River train station.

Next post will be scenes from the outdoor theater in Avonlea Village.


  1. Dress-up AND raspberry cordial? Sounds like heaven to me! :)

  2. J, I know! I thought of you while we were there... some day it will be you and your girls doing the dress-up!