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Thursday, August 2, 2012

July totals and random thoughts on the Olympics.

Still lovin' the pool these days, and getting my inspiration from the London Games...

So, my goal in July was .75 miles each time.  Done.  Yay me.  The other part of that goal was getting to the pool 25 times.  I only made it 23 times, but did some walking and cycling as well, so it's all good.

My August goal is 1 mile each time we go to the pool.  That's 44 laps.  Seems so long...   I hope to make it there at least 20 times this month.  I have to start back to school with meetings and classroom set-up toward the end of the month, so 20 is more do-able than 25.

Speaking of the Olympics, this year they don't seem as exciting as in 2008.  Maybe it was because Bejing was more unknown and exotic than London.   That water cube building sure was interesting.

I like the cycling and water sports and the volleyball (both varieties), but I don't usually watch too much track & field.  I find it hard to watch gymnastics because I just know that someone is going to fall on that darn balance beam and crack their head open or something.  Can't watch that.  And the floor exercises just come across as a set of random flips and hand gestures.  I mean, the contestants are strong and flexible and coordinated, but these routines just don't flow for me. (can you tell I never took gymnastics as a kid?) Another thing with gymnastics is the judging- I really don't get all the judging.  I prefer timed events or team v. team sports.  So much easier to tell who is winning.

I wonder how long it took the announcers to learn the correct pronunciation of all the names they have to say?  I love listening to the names- they get stuck in my head like some weird recorded loop... Kitajima, Kitajima...  it's like a drum beat.

Too bad most of the announcers don't know how to correctly state the date.

2012 is read, "two-thousand twelve" not "two-thousand AND twelve."   There is no AND!  When you read a number, and there's an AND in it, that's a signal that there are decimal place values to follow.

34.785  is read, "thirty-four AND seven hundred eighty-five thousandths."

The decimal point is the AND.  If there is no decimal, there is no AND!!!!!

The next summer games will be in Rio in two-thousand sixteen.

Maybe by then someone will have taught the NBC people how to read numbers.

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  1. You better believe that someone should teach the NBC announcers how to read numbers!!!! It has been so long since I visited your blog - I really enjoy it!