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Thursday, August 9, 2012

THE TRIP- PEI- Avonlea Village, part 2

One of the buildings in Avonlea has a back porch that is used as a stage to act out various vignettes from Anne's life.   If you have never read the books or seen the movie (the books are far better), then this is a spoiler alert...
The girls found a place in the shade with a good view of the stage.
Chapter 16 - Diana is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results

"You can ask Diana to come over and spend the afternoon with you and have tea here." 
"Oh, Marilla! How perfectly lovely!"
"There's a bottle half full of raspberry cordial... you and Diana can have it if you like..."
"I can just imagine myself sitting down at the head of the table and pouring out the tea."
Anne greets Diana- who has arrived in her second best dress.
It's all very prim and proper.
"How is your mother?" 
"I won't tell you what Marilla said we could have to drink. Only it begins with an r and a c and it's a  bright red color."
"That's awfully nice raspberry cordial, Anne."
"I'm real glad you like it. Take as much as you want." 

"I'm awful sick.  I must go right home."
'I never heard of company going home without tea.
Oh, Diana do you suppose that it's possible you're really taking the smallpox?
 If you are I'll go and nurse you, you can depend on that.  I'll never forsake you.
But I do wish you'd stay till after tea.  Where do you feel bad?"
"Set Diana drunk?  What on earth did you give her?"
"You went and gave Diana currant wine instead of raspberry cordial.  Didn't you know the difference yourself?"
"Don't cry any more,  Anne, it will be all right."

Chapter 27   Vanity and Vexation of Spirit

In which Anne dyes her hair- but it does not turn the shade of raven black that she was promised.  Instead, the dye makes her hair a sickly green.

"Please, Marilla, go away and don't look at me.  I'm in the depths of despair..." 

"Well, if I'd decided it was worthwhile to dye my hair, I'd have dyed it a decent color at least.
 I wouldn't have dyed it green."
"It's no use, Anne.  Your hair must be must be cut off; there is no other way."
Matthew and Marilla commiserate as they leave the stage.
And then we met the cast backstage.
Anne and Abs
Matthew and Marilla with the girls.
Gilbert still trying to talk to Anne.
Anne explaining that she is NOT going to forgive him for calling her "Carrots".


  1. Awwwww! It was so cool that you got to meet the cast! It looks like such a wonderful experience and great show!

  2. I'd forgotten about the "raspberry cordial" incident... excellent that they play it in this show AND that they continue outside, meeting the public and posing for photographs whilst still in character.