The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Friday, April 6, 2012

spring break, day 5

The day started wet and cold. I put off any decisions about riding until the afternoon- just to see what the wind would bring...

Lunch was at a local landmark- O'Brady's at Dollars Corner. The place has been around since 1962 (as have I), and I don't think it has changed much since then. (I have. I've gotten taller.)
It's basically a burger and ice cream joint. Nothing fancy, nothing terribly special. They do offer fries AND tater tots, which is different from many places. The interesting thing is, my family has lived in this town for almost 34 years, and I've never been to O'Brady's until today. And since it is spring break, there were lots of other people in the place. It took awhile to order and to be served. We both had single cheeseburgers with sides of potato, and soda to drink. They don't sell Coke, they have that other soda which will not be mentioned here.
The food was filling, so we didn't have any dessert. It's not too far away from us- maybe we'll go again and have ice cream. They have both soft and hard ice cream, which means it will take Ab some time to make her choice...

We did end up with a bit of exercise this evening. The blue sky started to show itself around 2 or 3 and we decided to ride to church for the Good Friday service. We had sun breaks all the way there, but on the way home a new large cloud was approaching and we could feel it was trying to rain for reals.
It's nice to be home and dry.
We hope you have a meaningful Good Friday.
And remember...
Sunday's comin'!


  1. What a great place to eat! Looks so cool and retro - my favorite type of restaruants!!!! I love the photo of you and your dd on the bike!

  2. Can I ask what a Tater Tot might be please? Interesting name LOL

  3. How to explain a Tater Tot...
    It's potato that has been chopped up into chunks smaller than a pea, and then the little potato bits are smushed together to form a small roll of potato. Then something happens to make them hold their shape- I think they are fried a bit and then frozen and put into big bags and sent to restaurants where they fry them some more to make them hot and crispy and yummy. We can also buy bags of frozen ones at the supermarket. I wonder what the UK term for them would be...?
    Oh- they're in the photo beside the french fries.
    I hope that helps.