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Friday, April 27, 2012

A little bit of outrage to start your weekend...

One of my students was attacked by a pit bull this week.  It chewed up her face.  She required hundreds of stitches and will need future plastic surgeries.

Pit bulls need to be eradicated.  They are horribly aggressive fighters.  There is no need for them to exist.

Please don't give me the one example of the "very loving" pit bull you grew up with.  I am not talking about individual dog temperaments here, I am talking about breeding and instincts.

Dogs are dogs, but some are specialized.  Hounds can hunt by sight or by scent.  They are bred for those purposes- they have both the physical attributes of good vision or olfactory senses, and the instincts to hunt.  Herding dogs will herd.  They are bred to be agile and quick thinking, and their instinct is to keep the herd moving all together in the right direction.  (Even if the "herd" is the neighborhood kids that must be kept in the cul de sac.)  Greyhounds are bred for speed, but only those with the best chase instincts are used for racing.

Pit bulls are bred to have extremely strong jaw muscles, and their instinct is to hold on at all costs.  They are bred to fight, there is no other reason for their existence.  They are menacing, dangerous, and altogether useless.

I don't want to hear the tired cliche, "It's not the breed, it's the owner."  While it may be true, I've never met a decent person who owns a pit bull. All the pit bull owners I have met seem to be as useless as their dogs.  They seem to consist mostly of insecure guys who are trying desperately to make up for some of their shortcomings by owning vicious dogs.  They and their clueless girlfriends often use the dogs to keep people out of their yards and their methamphetamine cooking operations.  Classy folk.

Speaking of pit bull owners, you might be wondering what the owners of the attack dog did while the dog was chewing on my student's face.

They watched.

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