The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring break, day 4

You are probably wondering what happened to spring break, day 3... Not much, really. Kiddo was at the g-parents for the day and night, so I tidied up the house, washed the dishes, read a book, watched an episode of Ken Burns' Civil War, played with the dog, did a Kenken puzzle, sorted some papers, re-visited my life insurance policy with a financial guy, and worked on the scrapbook from last summer's trip. It's so nice to do those things when I haven't already spent a whole day at work...

So today our exercise was walking the dog instead of riding the bike. It's pretty rainy and cold out- in the low 40s, and my ears aren't fond of that kind of cold. (and wet!) If we are going to ride more often, I will need some good ear coverings.

For our interesting place to eat lunch, we went to Podnah's Pit BBQ in Portland.
I had the pulled pork sandwich, Abs had ribs.
The meat was yummy, the sauce was spicy good, but the slaw was a little unexpected- not very creamy, more vinegary. And it had peppers in it. Some people might like it, but next time I will have a different side dish.

For dessert, we went to Annie's Doughnuts since we heard they were really good and we were in the neighborhood (we had to drive 83 blocks to get to the neighborhood, but then since we were there...)
Ab chose a plain glazed ring. Really? With all those options? Funny kid.


  1. This was our first trip there- we might have to make it a regular event! I thought they were better than KK, but Ab's opinion is the opposite.