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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Wrong. Laziness is the mother of invention. We invented bicycles so we wouldn't have to walk. We invented cars so we wouldn't have to pedal. We invented mass transit so we wouldn't have to steer...

So where am I going with this? Oh, yeah. Inventing stuff. I invented some words. They are words to be used in place of other words and/or phrases that are too long to say every time I want to say them.

Are you ready? Here they are, along with definitions:

Auntlings- children connected to an aunt. To be used in place of nieces and nephews.
Example: I took a picture of all my auntlings in front of the White House.

I just used HALF of the letters and spaces I would have used to spell out nieces and nephews.
I have an efficiency rating of 50%!!! (Not to mention I didn't have to pause and think one more time about how to spell "niece", or and count to see if I should say niece and nephew or nieces and nephew or niece and nephews or nieces and nephews depending on how many of each showed up for the photo shoot.)

Impressed? Wait. There's more.

Unclebuds- children connected to an uncle. (See- I didn't forget about uncles.)
Example: My youngest brother has 5 unclebuds. (That is the weirdest looking word...)

Again- my laziness, er, uh, efficiency rating is 50%!!!

You are sitting there right now thanking me and thinking about how glad you are to know me and my words.


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