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Friday, August 29, 2014

Real Vacation, part one

This summer flew by!  In June I spent most of my time reading up on ways to make my classroom more engaging and interesting (for me as well as my students) and after school was out for the summer we did sleep in a bit and watch some Dr. Who (kiddo is into it, I am not sure yet).

July was camp time.  I signed her up for 4 different camps- Artivisim, Bible camp, theater camp, and church retreat.  While she was at camp, I went to school and worked on how to switch from our excellent state math standards to the Cruddy Common Core State Standards.  Yes.  I was at my desk much of this summer.  I don't tell you that to illicit sympathy, only to show you what kind of time it really takes to make these transitions that don't need to be made.

August was spent mostly trying to figure out this dead hard drive problem.  Mid-month, I was back at work for four days of meetings and trainings.  Yikes!  However in the midst of this we were able to squeeze in a few days at the coast with some friends.

We have camped at Fort Stevens numerous times, but this year we rented a cabin instead of a tent site or a yurt.  A cabin.  With a kitchenette. And a gas grill. And a bathroom.  AND A SHOWER.  Yeah.  This is camping.

I'll post more about the bike trails and historic part of Fort Stevens in the next installment.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Yes, the summer did fly by. I cannot believe that it is September already. Although we are having hotter weather now than we did most of August! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!