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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Museum of Glass

We recently visited the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA with my folks.  We only spent a few hours, but I could spend a whole day there exploring the indoor and outdoor sculptures.
Here are the scrapbook pages I made of our time there:

Next time I visit, I want to take in the art museum and the history museum that are walking distance from the Museum of Glass.  Who knew Tacoma had so much culture? 


  1. Watching glass being blown and formed is mesmerising, it's amazing the skill of the glass makers to make some of the intricate designs, .. Little Mr (aged about 6 at the time) did cause some consternation though when we visited Leerdam where lots of Dutch glass is made.
    There were ridiculously expensive "arty / design" glass pieces on show from various glass artists of the sort where they were all strange shapes and didn't have much practical use... ...the assistant was already very nervous at an energetic little boy being so close... all of a sudden his little voice said VERY loudly in Dutch "Oh dear, this one is broken!" which of course got the instant attention of the crowd and had the assistants running towards him in seconds....
    I broke into a cold sweat thinking he'd snapped something off an expensive useless arty glass piece that we were now going to have to pay for.
    The the assistant said in a very stiff voice rather pointedly "No dear it's not broken, it's supposed to be wobbly and have pieces sticking out like that"
    You could hear titters and laughter being stifled all around the room and everyone except the assistants had huge grins on their faces.
    Needless to say I had a red face and was busy apologising and dragging Little Mr away as fast as possible.

    1. Oh my! I can just picture that! And I still get nervous when my kiddo goes to close to breakable stuff, even though she's 13! Sigh.