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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Real Vacation, part 3

Bike paths.  That's the big reason we go to Fort Stevens so often.  When kiddo was little, she rode in a baby seat on the back of my bike.  Then she graduated to one of those Trail-A-Bikes.

The last few years, she has ridden her own bike- first a kid bike and then this year she has her first "forever bike", a Trek 7.0 hybrid step-thru design that will grow just enough to support her into her adult years.  After that, it's up to her to buy her own bikes!

I sold my trusty "Ol Blue" mountain bike and also bought a Trek 7.0 hybrid.  I like it because it is lighter and has bigger wheels, but I sort of miss the shock absorbers.

It's so much fun just to watch her ride- she goes bombing down the way with nary a care, jacket streaming out behind her...

I leave you with more bikes and biking, and a sample of one of our wildlife encounters...

We were 20 feet from her and she let us stay there and take pictures for a full two minutes.
Uh-oh, too much paparazzi!  And off she went!

We've seen deer in previous years, and plenty of chipmunks, but one year there was a coyote standing right on the bike path just looking at me. I used my tele lens to capture him before he took off and I am still awed by that close encounter.  This year during dinner one night we heard a pack of coyotes howling after they made a kill.  Had it been later at night, and darker out, it would have sounded very eerie.  But during the day it almost sounded fake- like a bunch of voice actors were hiding in the forest, trying to make a cartoon.

 Still to come- the lake and the ocean!

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  1. I love these photos! Anne has become quite a biker herself these days, too! I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the pictures from years past,. And the paparazzi was just too much for the poor deer! I love that she let you take a few photos of her!