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Monday, October 8, 2012


You see all those wonderful generic versions of Ny-Quil and Day-Quil?  Gorgeous, aren't they?  All snuggled up in their blister packs, just waiting for someone to come along and pop them out and get relief from the dang cold that has taken up residence in their nose.

Yup.  Beautiful.  Beautiful but lacking.  You see, there are 5 pairs of capsules in each card.  That is how they are sold.  BUT- there is a space for a sixth pair of capsules.  So, WHY isn't there a sixth pair?

It only makes sense.  I get a cold once a year.  I need about 6 days/nights of medicinal intervention each time I get a cold.  Theoretically, I use up one card of each color per cold, so a box of 2 cards per color SHOULD last me two years.  It doesn't.  The second year I always end up short on drugs and debating whether I can somehow stretch the effects of each pill so I don't have to go to the store and get a whole 'nother box of 4 cards of green and orange salvation.  I don't want to go to the store, I want to go back to bed.

It's really quite irksome.  It's not like there isn't room for a 6th pair- you can clearly see that the cards have room and there is plenty of room in the box.  It's basically a conspiracy.  I am being forced by the manufacturer to go out and buy a new box way too early in the sickness/medicine continuum.  It's a waste of gasoline.

My math brain really can't handle this lack of completeness- especially with no explanation.  I don't care if they charge more for the cards with 6 pairs instead of the cards with 5 pairs.  They should charge more.  They shouldn't leave me high and dry and coughing through the night.  

I just want to know... WHY???????

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