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Saturday, October 13, 2012

And now for something completely different...

Kiddo and I have some weird inside jokes.  I'm not going to share them all with you, because then they wouldn't be inside jokes anymore, but I thought you might enjoy this.  Or, you might find it kinda disturbing.  Your choice.

Anyway, a few years ago, she noticed that there was a Barbie doll on the roof of a house that we pass a few times a week.  The house is two stories, so it would be almost impossible for a kid that lives there to throw the doll onto the roof, except that the house is located in a bit of a valley and a road and sidewalk are directly behind it.  We figured that someone who was walking along the sidewalk just tossed that Barbie over there and the homeowners have no idea it is there.

Summer 2010.    It looks like she is in a rather precarious position.
We started checking the roof every time we went past the house, and sure enough, it just stayed right there.  Somehow, we decided we would yell out "Nekkid Barbie" every time we went by.  (And yes, "nekkid" is a word.  In Texan it means "naked".  Our pastor in Texas used to use it from the pulpit, "The man and his wife were both nekkid and knew no shame."  It's in Genesis.  Look it up.)

After a few weeks of noticing, we started predicting.  We thought that maybe a good fall rain storm or wind storm might just whisk that baby right off that roof.  Nope, she was still there the next summer- although she had slid considerably lower and closer to the gutters.

Summer 2011.   Still precarious but about two feet lower than the year before.
Well, now this was getting interesting!  We thought maybe we should make some bets regarding the date of the ultimate demise of dear Barbie, but neither of us are good gamblers so we just make half-hearted suggestions without committing any money to the deal.  We also discussed driving down the road to the house and knocking on the door to inform the homeowners that there was a nekkid Barbie on their roof.  Still haven't done that.  I'm waiting till she hits the gutter because until then she is doing no harm and she is providing entertainment.

This summer, we rarely drove by the nekkid Barbie site, and when we did I was sans camera, so it was fall when we finally caught another picture of her.  She's turning gray and brown now, and has slid about a foot lower than last summer.  She's closer to the edge of the roof, so after a good rain storm, or a bit of wind, she might end up in the rain gutter.  Homeowners hate things clogging up their rain gutters, so I will keep an eye on it and go tell the owners pretty soon.

Fall 2012.   It's amazing what little it takes to entertain us.
I predict she might be sliding even more during this recent hit of rain.
Poor Barbie.  What a way to go.
I'll update with new pictures as soon as there is something to show.  For now, you can go about your lives as before.


  1. Poor Barbie!!!!! I hope she finds a home in the rain spout soon. I love you and your daughter's sense of humor!!!!!

  2. Himself gets the ladders out at least once a year and cleans the gutters but clearly these owners don't bother for years on end!

    If Barbie falls into the gutter then it would be very nice of you to go and tell them, but if they haven't even looked at their roof for several years in a row do you think they will really care anyway??? ...methinks not.

    I DO like that you know something about their house that they clearly don't... can it really be so that they don't see barbie when they are approching their own house themselves?

    Maybe this poor Barbie draws more of a picture about the owners of this house than just to her own plight...

    1. I wondered if they had ever driven past the back of their house. Since there are multiple routes to the front of their house, it is entirely possible that they haven't taken the route we usually take. Or, they have taken it and not even seen the Barbie. Or, they know it is there and they're just waiting for the day she hits the gutter. Or- they've seen it but they have no idea how bad it can be when your gutters get clogged...
      Or, they don't own a ladder.
      It's raining out. I wonder if she's cold?