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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's almost here...

The rain is almost here!  I just checked and it says we have a 40% chance of rain on Friday, 60% chance of rain on Saturday, 50% on Sunday, and 70% on Monday!!!!
I'm so excited I could just burst!!! (They better not be teasing me.)

Oh.  You aren't from around here?  You don't get the whole rain thing?  Well, let me attempt an explanation...

This year, our July through September rainfall was about one-tenth of normal.  One-tenth.  As in, it's been dry, dry DRY.  It was so dry and windy last weekend that when I attempted to clean and sweep out the garage, it all blew back in!  Because of the east wind, the humidity level here dropped to 10%.  That is so weird.

Nothing in town is clean or green- cars, streets, buildings, trees- they're all dusty and dry.  I had a cold last week and I tried to use the humidifier but the air was so dry in our house that it made no difference to my breathing at all.  I'm using up hand lotion like there's no tomorrow.  I kept thinking it might rain, so I forgot to water the pumpkins I planted last spring.  Dead.  The moss, mold, and mildew that live on the north side of everyone's houses are desperate for wetness- if you are quiet, you can hear the tiny screams of dying mildew as you settle into bed for the night.

Everything is thirsty.  This is very unusual.  We're setting records.  There have been 2 or 3 wildfires that are uncomfortably close to town, and more house fires in town in the last month than I can remember in a long time.

Not only have we had very little measurable rainfall, it has also been warm.  Since fall started, every day has been in the 70s.  Nights are in the 50s, sometimes 40s.  Yawn.   Welcome to the Stepford weather.

Some people like this kind of weather.  They live in California.  I live here because I like the clean green that our usual rainfall brings.

I've been checking every day since school started.  Sometimes two, ten times a day.  School is much easier when it is raining outside.


C'mon, rain!  I'm rooting for ya!  Even if it means the weeds will start to grow in my lawn, at least they are green!!  C'mon, rain!

Maybe I'll go wash my car.  You know, just to be sure...

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