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Saturday, August 27, 2011

THE TRIP- part 4

All the places we went this summer... all in the pink or red zones on the weather channel right now. All have extreme or high risk of high winds and/or flooding. Gettysburg and Hershey might be far enough from the coast, but everything else will feel the effects of Hurricane Irene.

Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown are closed for the weekend.

Washington, D.C. has battened down the hatches. The Washington Monument is closed indefinitely due to cracks caused by the recent earthquake. I hope it doesn't topple in the winds.

My brother and his family have secured the lawn furniture, stocked up on batteries, gas, sandbags, and canned goods, and plan to hunker down tonight.

Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Plymouth, Boston, Portland, Bangor... It's going to be interesting.

I can hardly tear myself away from the weather channel, even though they show the same generic, non-relevant video clips over and over and over... You know- the one with the lady who has a brace on one wrist and she's reaching into her shopping cart to put her bags and bags of supplies in the car. Nothing in that clip tells you what to purchase for a storm. Nothing in that clip identifies it as specific to this storm, and yet they keep showing it over and over and over and I think I saw it 27 times yesterday and I only watched the weather channel for a little over an hour! That lady is famous. (Ooooooh- I just realized that today they might have guys with microphones standing in the surf wearing blue parkas with the weather channel logo! That will be good viewing.)

Anyway, I'll get more trip photos to you soon.

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  1. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog! We are all safe, warm, and dry today. The power went out for a few mintues, but that was all. We have a little leaking in some windows and the basement, but nothing that we can't handle. My sister has a tree down in her yard, but luckily it did not hit their house! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, my friend!