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Friday, August 12, 2011

Good stuff for traveling

I love it when I find the exact right thing for doing whatever it is I am doing. It's like finding the piece of the jigsaw that has eluded so many for so long- the endorphins fire away in my brain and all is right with the world.

Last spring, I found the exact right shoes for THE TRIP. It is hard for me to find shoes that are even close to right, but exact right is cause for celebration. Exact right that costs less than $100 is an endorphin and wallet Mardi Gras.

The criteria:
- Must be adjustable. I have a narrow heel, and I don't want to step out of the shoe.
- Must have arch support. I have plantar fasciitis.
- Must have both support AND cushioning in the heel. Again- plantar fasciitis.
- Must slip off quickly and easily for airport security screening.
- Must fasten quickly and easily after airport screening.
- Must feel good on bare feet. (who wants to pack socks for a 22-day summer vacation?)
- Must be a color that works with the rest of the planned wardrobe.
- Must have toe protection, but also open enough to breathe.
- Must be lightweight and easy to clean.

The exact right?
Women's Dozer III by Teva. I chose the Walnut color. Ordered them online without even trying them on in a store first. They fit perfectly. They felt good. And, they stood up to everything I threw at them, from museums to memorials to musicals and more!

I heart my Tevas.

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