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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our dog now has a conscience

Our dog now has a conscience- thanks to 4 weeks of dog obedience boot camp and the miracle of modern technology (also known as remote control zap collar).

I know, I know... how could I zap such a cute little thing? He's so A-DO-WA-BLE, how could he be any trouble at all?
Yeah. That cute little thing had a Napoleon complex bigger than Alaska. He has bitten people- innocent little kids, neighbors with dogs, a sister-in-law... He is 13 pounds of strong-willed Schoodle, and quite a force to be reckoned with.

So we boarded him with a trainer while we were on THE TRIP. She figured him out in about two seconds and showed him who was boss by laying him on his side in a submissive pose. He did NOT like that, and fought her tooth and nail. After about 30 minutes, he relaxed enough for her to take her hands off of him, but he was still not happy.

At the end of his time in boot camp, he was a changed dog. He now heels while walking on leash. He rarely jumps up to greet us any more. He can go outside with me without being on a leash and he doesn't run away. On the rare occasion I have had to zap him, he comes back to my side and looks to me for instructions. We still have a long way to go before the training is fully cemented in the dog's mind, but for now, it's just nice to know that he knows who is boss. It's actually rather refreshing and it got me thinking how the small shock is a little like a person's conscience.

The shock alerts the dog that he is doing something that is not right. Our conscience should do the same thing.
The shock causes the dog to stop the bad behavior. Our conscience should do the same thing.
The shock brings the dog back to his master's side. Does our conscience bring us back to God? Do we confess, repent, and look to Him for further instructions?

If the dog doesn't respond to the shock at level 15, the trainer told us to dial it up in intensity. Makes me wonder if our conscience does the same thing. I guess it pays to heed it the first time around...

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