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Friday, April 1, 2011

No foolin'

A year ago, I had just finished reading the Bible through in 90 days. It was a great experience- so great that I decided to do it twice more in 2010.

This year I am also reading through the Bible, but at a slower pace. Taking 90 days is like being in a flash flood. It drops on you at an alarming rate, hits hard and you get soaked. It's memorable, and then it is over. I figure I'll take the whole year and go deeper- kind of like rain in the Pacific Northwest. It surrounds you almost daily- falling lightly from the sky, rising as mist from the wetlands, splashing on you when the cars drive too close to the ever-present puddles...

Slowing down gives more time for contemplation, cross referencing, and concordance checking. The schedule has some breathing room- I can double up one day in case I didn't have time the day before. It's easier to take notes or email my Bible guru with questions in a timely manner.

Starting out with the 90-day plan was a good idea for me, but sticking with the 365-day plan will be even better. I encourage you to investigate and find a version that works for you. You'll never regret it- no foolin'!

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  1. I read a kind of 90 day version when we were going through our adoption process. I loved it and learned so much that I had never known!!!!!!