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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The beach

We just got back from one night in Cannon Beach, OR with friends. It was a fun trip, even though it rained all day Monday, and most of the day Tuesday.
Here's a shot of us on the beach Tuesday morning.
There was a window of about 20 minutes when it wasn't raining. The wind was still strong and chilly, but at least it wasn't raining. When we went inside for breakfast, the rain started in earnest- the beach side of the restaurant was slammed with cold wet drops and the windows by us were streaked with rain streaming sideways. Good times, good times.

The rest of the time we browsed in the shops, bought salt water taffy, ate ice cream, and took the dogs outside for little trips.

Then we decided that we might as well go to Seaside and let the girls ride the carousel. It was a good way to end a soggy trip!

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  1. What a great photo of your family at the beach. I love the stormy look of the beach and all of your wind blown hair! Very cool. So sorry that it rained almost the whole time.