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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Confessions of a Tour Junkie

I admit it. I love touring and doing touristy things. I totally geek out on things historic and almost any kind of museum- as long as it isn't too close to home. Seriously. I have to GO somewhere in order to feel like a tourist and not think about the dishes that are probably in the sink.

Did you know that Portland, ME has a "Freedom Trail"? I so want to walk that trail. I might this summer. Unlike the Boston Freedom Trail, it doesn't highlight events leading up to the Revolutionary War. No, it identifies 13 Underground Railroad sites. The Underground Railroad!? Yessss!!! I don't know much about the U.R. so this will be my chance to learn firsthand!!! Woot woot! Not only will I maybe get a chance to tour Portland on foot, but also other historic sites on the East Coast- DC, Philadelphia, Boston. I better get some sturdy shoes. I already have other travel gear- the perfect bag, the perfect watch, the perfect water bottle... (Can you say GEEK?)

Lord willing, we are taking a TRIP this summer that might fulfill most of my tourism needs. It's called a "TRIP" instead of a "trip" because it will involve planes, boats, automobiles, 4 families, 10 states, 2 provinces, 1 birthday, pilgrims, a childhood heroine (Anne of Green Gables), and the District of Columbia. That's a TRIP. Just planning for it makes me all weak in the knees. Sigh.

Oh, I can hardly wait. I was born to be a tourist. I can feel it in my guts. I daydream about memorials, cemeteries, and historic markers. If I could make a living being a tourist, I would. The only other thing that would be close would be to become a tour GUIDE. It wouldn't take much... I can almost do the Ford's Theater monologue by heart right now.

Evidence of my addiction:
Ab and I in a dugout canoe at the Jamestown Settlement, July '07

And you know what happens after we get back home, right? The scrapbooking begins...


  1. Can't wait to see the scrapbook page!!! And hey, we all LOVE touristy things here in our household, too! One of my favorite things that I collected over the years is a glass foot that says I walked my feet off at Bushkill Falls!!! LOL!!!!!