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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Good Man is Hard to Find*

Last Tuesday evening, I sat in a room filled with good men (and women!). It was the annual Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony for our local sheriff's department.

I listened to description after description of the various awards, the titles were impressive...

* Distinguished Service Medal
* Officer of the Year Award
* Reserve Deputy of the Year Award
* Life Saving Award
* Exemplary Performance Award
* 20 Year Service Award
* 30 Year Service Award
* Sergeant of the Year Award

At least 3 dozen names were called to receive their due recognition, and I watched officers and civil employees go up to the podium to shake hands and receive their engraved plaque. Some employees were in uniform, some were in suit and tie, and some were dressed as plainclothes officers. Not one of them appeared in blue tights, red cape, and a big "S" on their chest- they were regular people. They shook hands with the Sheriff, they listened to what was said about them, and they were humble.

Some of them saved a life while they weren't even on duty. Most of them worked with a tighter budget and fewer resources than ever before. Some were volunteers- helping the community out of a sheer love for the work and the people. Many were praised for their organizational skills, their perseverance, their initiative, their ability to work with many different types of citizens in our diverse community, and the fact that they kept in good communication with their commanders and supervisors. Not subjects we teach in school, but highly important in the stressful work that is law enforcement.

I'm proud of the law enforcement and emergency personnel in my county. They do a great job under some extreme circumstances.

I'm especially proud of one of them:

My youngest brother, "Enforcement Branch Sergeant of the Year".
Here he poses with his plaque, his wife and his boss.

Thanks for being a good man!

*The title of a short story written by Flannery O'Connor in 1953.


  1. He comes from good stock! Good for him--and good for his sister :D

  2. Ahhhhhh! What a nice tribute!!!!!