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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pranksters UNITE!

So my school has this "art" installation in the stairwell that has been there since the floodwaters receded off of Mt Ararat.  I have to pass by it every day and I don't really understand it.  It's two collections of faces made of clay - 40 faces in each set.

I think the faces were made by students because each individual face has some initials carved in it in some inconspicuous place.  None of the faces are smiling.  They all look rather grim- creepy, in fact.  Each one would be ok on its own- maybe displayed at home along with some sports trophies and gold-sprayed macaroni art, but in a grouping the effect is just... ew.

During the latest style fad, I got the idea that maybe these things would be less creepy if they sported some sort of facial adornment.  I wanted the adornments to be fuzzy and black, but I had no budget to buy anything.  Then, I got the idea to use blue painters tape (no damage to the "art") and just cut my own.  And then April Fools' Day came along and the timing seemed right.

I mustache you a question...

But I'll shave it for later.

The staff enjoyed it, many of the kids didn't even notice it, and it spawned another prank that I will tell you about tomorrow...


  1. Brilliant! Glad you stubbled across the idea . . . (Sorry -- John's daughter, you know.)