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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


That's pew as in bench, not pee-ew as in stink.

Bought this 7' long old church pew from craigslist last fall.  It actually fit in the back of my mini-van, but it was quite a chore to get it to the backyard. Abby and I and the hand truck managed to wrestle it there where it sat under a tarp for months until the sun showed up today.

First I chiseled the fossilized gum from the bottom of the seat.  Then I figured out where the water might pool on the seat if it rained. (I used marbles.  When they stopped rolling, I knew I had the low spot.) I drilled holes in the low spots so that rain wouldn't pool and then I sanded the seat a bit.  Might need to sand more later.

Tomorrow I will brush on the protective stuff that I bought at Home Depot and then wait a couple of days and it will be ready for seating!

Gum.  Really?  Your mother didn't have an old tissue in her purse?  You had to put your gum under the pew?  Ew.
That lady that sold it to me said it came out of an old church in Seattle.  I love that it is solid and not too ornate and it has that curved back and seat.

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  1. Simply gorgeous! I love it! It is simple, yet elegant, and I know it will look amazing it your back yard!