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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Our new backyard is small- that is why I bought this house.  But it lacks interest and has too much grass for my taste.  So on the non-rainy weekends, we have been digging up stuff, putting in landscape rocks, and gathering interesting patio furniture on craigslist.

Here are a few "before" shots- taken last summer while we were waiting for the bank to decide if we were worthy enough to buy this foreclosure:

This is the fence with a dog-sized gap underneath.  We had to fill it in with pavers and 400 pounds of red lava rock.
That gate also has a gap- this is the one the dog escaped through the first night we were here.
View from my bedroom window.
I took out the strip of grass between the patio and the fence and put in more red lava rocks and some planters that will hold my boxwood, George, and some herbs and maybe carrots and small pumpkins.
I think the hanging planter will get a full planting of Million Bells, or something that is easy and doesn't need dead-heading.  It's the only part of the yard that gets a good amount of sun, so it can handle a wide variety of plants.  The builder installed an automatic drip system for the hanging baskets which I thought showed a lot of foresight (as opposed to some of his other ideas which are nonsense...)

I also put in a shepherd's hook with two bird feeders and a candle lantern.   It's nowhere near being finished, but I thought you would want to see our newest resident of the garden- our gnome, Gunther.

Abby named him and as you can tell, he is very serious about his duties as head gnome. I think he will keep a watchful eye on the place and on the flowers and birds.

More "after" shots as we get things together this week of spring break!

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  1. Our family loves gnomes! Yours is absolutely adorable!