The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

HB beats McD every morning!

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is just about the most perfect small appliance you could park on your countertop.  Let me show you why...
It's small.
You use your own ingredients. See those English muffins? DOUBLE FIBER. Yeah, you heard me. Not just fiber... DOUBLE fiber.  That makes me twice as good as those of you who only eat single fiber.  Did I say good?  I meant holy.  Twice as holy because I am pretty sure Jesus ate double fiber muffins.
It tells you when it is ready.  Green light means go. 
It has a non-stick surface.  Do you see any oil or butter? Nada. 
It's easy.  Plop the bottom of the muffin in...
... top it with cheese of your choice, 
add some meat if you want.  Or not.
Lower the middle ring.
Crack an egg on the non-stick surface and break the yolk.  I then add pepper and some garlic powder.
Plop the top of the muffin right on top of the not-yet-quite-cooked egg, 
lower the lid and set your timer for 4:30 minutes.
There will be no buzzer or warning light on the machine, you need a separate timer. 
Lift the lid.  It's hot so I use a plastic knife.  No metal utensils allowed!
Here's the COOLEST feature- slide the surface out from under the cooked egg.
Who thought of this?  A genius.
The egg will settle itself down onto the meat and cheese of the bottom half of  the muffin.
Lift the middle ring and the bottom ring.
There it is. 
In all its eggy goodness and double fiber holiness.
Clean up is easy, too.  Just unplug and wipe off the surfaces with a paper towel. 
That egg residue will come right off.
Eat your heart out Mickey D's.  I am not paying for your McMuffins any more.


  1. Mmmmmmm! Your sandwich looks delicious! Thanks for sharing this handy-dandy sandwich maker with us!!!

  2. Can I assume that "Mikey D's" is your nickname for McDonalds? Here people often call it "McDo" (pronounced "MacDough") but our family call it "McDon't" since it's the commercial business we hate most (tied with IKEA) LOL.
    We have a toasted sandwich maker at home that we use a lot...not like yours and we don't have muffins, but we used brown grain bread and favourite fillings are cheese and beaten egg plus ham or mine that's dairy free: canned sweet corn that you turn into creamed corn by putting it into a jug and zapping it with the stick mixer, with or without ham or salami, it's great in a toasted sandwich :)