The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Friday, February 7, 2014

And it's snowing again!

I slept in, lazed about, and then went out to take some pictures before it started snowing today.  Got some laundry and dishwashing done and by 2:00 it had started snowing again- little tiny flakes which means it's still pretty cold out.
About 4:00 I got kiddo and the dog and we walked down to our neighborhood Minut Mart for some fish and chips for dinner.  We all needed to get out of the house and it was fun to walk in the crunchy snow and get our blood pumping.

This is George, my boxwood from Mt. Vernon- the home of George Washington. 

The back courtyard of our development has a gazebo.
Perfect for re-enacting the Rolf and Liesl scene from Sound of Music.

Looking out my front door.

Some birdies came to visit me this morning and I didn't even see them!

My dog and the hydrant.  What a cliche'.

Who you callin' cliche'????

The fish and chips were pretty good for a little corner market.  They also have burgers and chicken and burritos, etc. 
I like this snow.  I really do.

Heading home!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Some say more snow and others say rain and freezing rain. 
I think I will shovel the drive tomorrow and pile the snow up to make a snow man.  It's very powdery snow, so I am not sure how it will pack, but we will try.  
Maybe it will be more like a snow Jabba the Hut.


  1. I can't wait to see photos of your snow Jabba!!!! And I loved seeing all of your snow photos and reading your post this morning. Just beautiful! Your girl and pup look like they are having an amazing time in the snow! . . . and your new home looks lovely covered in a blanket of snow. Thanks also for your visit to my blog! ♥

  2. Beeee-U-tiful! Now this makes me wish I weren't in the sunshine... ;)

    1. But today we have about 3/8 of an inch of ice over top of our 6 inches of snow. Your dad gets a day off. Personally, I think he should just preach his sermon at home and tape it and then put it on the website so the whole congregation can tune in and pretend we are at church!