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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Voluntourism, part 4: The Blowing Rock

This is the "tourism" part of our trip- seeing the local sights near Boone, NC.

The Blowing Rock is a natural rock formation that has an interesting feature- when you throw lightweight items off, the updraft blows them back to you.  Legend has it that an Indian brave was blown back to his maiden after he leapt off the cliff.  So they lived happily ever after.

The viewing platform offers amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but with the sun so low in the sky it was hard to get really good pictures.  It was also very cold out with a bitter wind blowing- you can't tell in the photos but on the viewing platform our eyes were watering and our noses running.  I was so glad I had my gloves for my hands and my Buff for my ears.

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