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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fog day!

Freezing fog most of the day today so school was cancelled.  It was so nice to have time to finish some projects, start others, and just get caught up.

Ran some errands around 10am and when I went outside the sun was trying to burn off some of the fog.  I caught a glimpse of something sparkling in the air- was it glitter?  No- as I looked toward the sun and the sparkles, it hit me- it was freezing fog dancing in the air all around me.  I have never seen that before- it was magical.  I told kiddo about it and she asked if I thought that is what heaven would be like...  hmmm.

Went to Home Depot and got some more weatherstripping for the patio door.   Having a dog door in the patio door causes the slider to be out of alignment and the breeze really comes in.  It feels much toastier in here now.

Cleaned out the car and organized the console stuff- including the pile of drive-thru napkins and our small ketchup collection.  (The collection isn't small, the ketchups are.)

Renewed all my craigslist postings.

Gathered all my tools and nails and screws and picture hanging stuff and organized it in the tool bucket.  So much easier to find things, and my buffet is now useable and not covered in tools!

Took kiddo to the ortho to get a bracket replaced.  Also hit a couple of antique and craft stores near the ortho and found just what I wanted to hold Christmas cards.  The nice thing is that I can remove the jute and keep it as just a chalkboard for the rest of the year.  I thought I wanted something to hang on the wall, but the wall has a pocket door inside and it is tricky to hang things on those kind of walls.  This old door is just braced against the wall and it has rubbery stuff on the bottom to keep it from sliding.
Since there are chalkboards painted on the door, I tied a piece of chalk and a rag eraser to some jute and hung them on the handle.   The JOY banner is printed on old German sheet music- very cool looking.

Still looking for a shelf for my entryway- something with old doorknobs as coat hangers.

Here's a few pics of the house in the little bit of snow we got yesterday:
Lookin' out my back door.

You wonder why there are no footprints in my driveway?  I walked on my neighbor's drive.
She had already driven on it, so I wasn't ruining it.  I just didn't want to ruin mine...

So, that's what teachers do on snow days.  Tomorrow it's back to writing tests and convincing children that it would be good for them to practice their math...  

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  1. Your new home is beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos! And I loved hearing about what you do on snow days.