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Friday, December 6, 2013


It snowed this morning and I have no pictures of it.  Maybe if school would have been cancelled, I would have had time to take pictures.  But it wasn't and I was busy so I don't.

It didn't snow much- maybe a half an inch.  Little tiny flakes.  Lots of wind, too.  Caused some major freeway issues during the morning commute.  I could see the freeway out of my classroom window- the traffic didn't start moving normally until about noon.

It's really cold out for our neck of the woods.  Might go down to 10 this weekend- with a wind chill of minus 10.  Yikes.  Good thing our dog can stay inside while we are gone for the day!

We were in Boone, NC for the week of Thanksgiving.  We worked for Samaritan's Purse at the processing center for Operation Christmas Child.  I'll tell you all about it (with pictures!) next post.

Stay warm!

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  1. I can't wait to see your photos from your Thanksgiving week! And it snowed here yesterday, too. I didn't get photos either!!!! We got about a 1/2 inch of ice on top of the snow - will make traveling to work tricky this morning.