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Sunday, September 29, 2013

We survived the September Seaside storm!

Just spent the weekend in Seaside with my daughter.  We were listening to and participating in the Passport to Purity CDs and projects.  It was a good time together and I would highly recommend the program to parents of preteens.

It was windy and rainy almost the whole time- much windier and rainier than I have ever seen.  In fact tonight they are supposed to get hurricane force winds!  Walking along the promenade made us wet and sandy, as the wind was driving the sand sideways at us.

 We also went to the aquarium and watched the seals perform for their dinner- what a funny bunch!

After dinner on Saturday night, the clouds parted and we got a rare glimpse of blue sky.  It was bluer in real life, my camera couldn't really capture it.

This morning, there was thunder and lightning and the beginnings of a whole new storm system.

We left there right after breakfast so we wouldn't have to deal with all the predicted rainfall on the coast range and the traffic problems that usually occur with big rains.

It's unusual to have such storms in September, but it sure was fun to be there for part of it!

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  1. Hi and "Happy Belated Birthday" to you, my friend! Of course all of the BEST people are born in September! (LOL! ) And I am very happy that you all survived that bad storm, but is sounds like you had an amazing time in spite of it. And wow - that photo of the sky after dinner is spectacular!