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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sleeping with the windows open

I love sleeping with the windows open.  I suppose I got hooked on it after a couple of summers as a camp counselor at Camp Firwood in Bellingham.  Our cabins had windows, but no window panes.  There was nothing between us and the fresh air except a canvas cover that could be pulled snug against the cabin when it rained.  Even then, the night air crept in and I slept the best sleeps of my life.

In our old house, it was almost impossible to sleep with the windows open because of the noise.  We could hear the freeway, the neighbor's garage band, and the late-night comings and goings of the neighborhood teens and their rumbly trucks.  Not really like being at camp.  At mom and dad's however, when it gets dark, it gets quiet.  We hear no freeway, no people noise, not much of anything at all.  The greenbelt in the back has birds, frogs, and a coyote family that occasionally has a party, but for the most part we get fresh air with very little disturbance.

It's supposed to rain tonight.  Rain and wind continuing through the weekend.  What a great start to my favorite season.  To fall asleep to the rain dripping on the hydrangea bushes outside my window... I can hardly wait!

Sometimes I think I could go all winter with the window open at night, but then I remember how hard it is to get the place warm again quickly in the morning and I settle for regular air instead of fresh- usually some time in mid-October.

I have preliminary approval and actual paperwork on the short sale.  Just need to meet with the financial lady and sign things and then I think it will all be done.  Whew!

Happy rainy fall days!

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