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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Consider me lifted!

I just saw this video for the first time this week.  (I wasn't near a TV during the Barcelona Olympics, I was involved in a short-term mission trip serving in Romanian orphanages.)  So it was unexpected and it made me all teary and it made me think of someone who comes alongside me and lifts me up.

I'm no Olympian, but the race I run can get crazy at times.  Buying this short-sale house has been frustrating to say the least, especially since my focus needs to be on my classroom at this time of year instead of dealing with all the pesky details of a new house.

Monday evening was the house inspection.  There were lots of people in the house- me, kiddo, mom, dad, my agent, and the inspector.  There was lots going on and many conversations and things that needed my attention.  Through the whole time, dad quietly moved about from room to room with a purpose. He had brought a bunch of 9-volt batteries along- enough to replace all the old ones in the smoke detectors in the house- even the one on the vaulted ceiling.  I would probably have lived there five days before I got to that task.

The detector chirping ceased and we all noticed.  The house is safer now.  My dad?  He lifts me up.

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