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Monday, July 1, 2013

We're baaaaack!

Just got back from a visit to family on the east coast.  This is the last picture I took on the trip- the skyline of Washington, DC as seen from Ronald Reagan National Airport.  On the left, the Washington Monument encased in scaffolding (working on repairs from the 2011 earthquake), on the far right, the dome of the Capitol building.

We didn't actually go into the city this visit (I know that comes as a shock to those of you who know my obsession with all things DC...), but seeing it as we flew in and out was a real treat.  I love flying into Reagan for that reason (and because it has a metro stop) and this trip the visibility was great.  I wish I had pulled my camera from its bag while on the plane, but sometimes other things take precedence and the memory will have to suffice until I can get back there again.

We had a great time with my brother and his family in Maryland- did some historic stuff, some touristy stuff, and some just-plain-fun-family-bonding stuff.  I'll post some pics soon- maybe put them into scrapbook pages first...

As for now, we are having a heat wave, so kiddo and I will head to the pool and try to stay cool.


  1. Glad you had a smooth trip! I do love flying into Reagan...

    1. It was nice- but pretty humid, as I know you know... We had a couple of thunderstorms, but neither lasted very long. I would have stopped by to see you, but I was sort of at the mercy of their schedule- including karate classes for the auntlings, and my bro's work schedule. Next time. Unless you are living in HI by then!

  2. Hi! I hope you had a wonderful trip and got to visit Lancaster!!!!

  3. We did have fun, but no Lancaster this time. We went to Harpers Ferry one day, and to some caverns on another day, the rest of the time was just hanging out with the fam. Probably next time will include a trip to Amish country- I'll let you know so you can hire yourself a horse and buggy and meet us! :->