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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's NOT Charlotte!

Went to my storage unit the other day- just to say 'hi" to my things.   Huge spider was working its way up the inch-high step to go into the unit.  I had on flip flops and I couldn't step on it because it was vertical.  I wasn't about to try and squish it with the toe of my flip flop because what if my aim was off and I missed?  Then it could attack and get my toe!  So I waited until it got on the flat concrete.  Darn thing was so fast that I couldn't get it and it went under my couch and now it is living with my things and probably laying eggs somewhere.  EW.  Now I have to inspect, wash, and insecticide everything I take out of there before I put it in my new abode (I don't actually have a new abode yet.) Ewwwww.

Then, today there was a spider that dangled over my students while they were in the computer lab.  The audacity!  How dare it threaten my kids!!!  I bravely put a bunch of duct tape on the end of a yardstick (sticky side out- duh...) and launched out to do battle against the beast.  Out of nowhere, a custodial-type person came walking over and I asked him if he ever killed spiders.  He courageously took the yardstick, climbed on a chair, and whisked the nasty thing to the floor where he stepped on it.  There were some tense moments as the whisking result appeared to be too close to some of my kids, but all was saved when it was squashed in the end.

Don't tell me that spiders eat other bugs.
There are no edible bugs in the computer lab.
It wasn't Charlotte.


  1. I love your sense of humor and I would have wanted to do the same thing!!! We went camping this past weekend (FCC Camp!) and had a bat and HUGE spider in our tiny cabin. (I think the bat was after the spider!!) YUCK!!!!!

    1. *shudder* Oh, Sharon, I wouldn't have been able to sleep after seeing those!