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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Frosty in May

This is Frosty.  Well, maybe it's Frosty's little brother.  He is made up of all the snowballs we saved from all the snowfalls we've had at our house in the past 12 years.  We couldn't exactly move the frozen snowballs, so we had to let them stay with the house in liquid form...

Bye, Frosty!  Bye, house!  

Things aren't looking too great for the townhome I want.  I either need to increase my offer (which I could do slightly...) or find somewhere else.  Or, the bank could find some compassion or something.  Whatever.

It's just nice going to sleep without the freeway noise in my ear.


  1. We had to throw out frozen snowballs when we moved, too!

    1. You know, people who live in the Great White North think we are weird for keeping snow... sigh.

  2. I LOVE Frosty!!!!!!! It is so cool that you saved some snow from each snowfall you had. I love that idea. And good luck with your new home - I hope that everything worked out! Saying prayers!